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Raidaholics Anonomous is in the rebuilding process focusing on alt/farm raiding in a casual atmosphere.

------Current Raid Schedule-------
Monday/Wednesday 7-11 PST


-----Current Needs-----

Anyone who is looking to gear alts/fresh raiders looking to get into the raid scene.

*We would like people to have alts as we like to raid, a lot, and kill bosses.
*This point in the expansion we are looking for players of a 670 ilvl and can have at minimum 90% raid attendance for progression. (Alt raids just carry your weight.)

-----Voice Communications-----
TBD (Mumble/TS3)

-----About Raidaholics Anonymous-----
Established on October 25th, 2013 Fåte was created for players with a progressive mindset. Initially we were built for pvp but got bored and decided raiding was our thing. We got started in the raid scene a little late and were able to clear Normal now Heroic Siege in about 2 1/2 weeks of actual progression. We dabbled a little bit with Heroic. now Mythic, pre patch but decided it had been to watered down to make us feel any sense of real accomplishment, and once 6.0 came out we didn't even bother so we took a short break. Then came the release of Warlords of Draenor and the first raid of the expansion Highmul. We were able to clear normal Highmaul with just 12 people but decided if we actually wanted to push further into the content we need more competent raiders. In March of 2015 We decided to go Horde as many of our core players preferred to play Horde. The xfer was in process and almost our entire roster (minus the GM) decided not to follow due to whatever reason.

We are a no drama guild as most of us are adults who work full time jobs. When we play we look to make progress in the most efficient time possible. Expect to be held reliable, competant, and properly geared. In the event that you do cause drama in the guild or with another player we will just wipe our hands of you and send you on our way. In the event you drastically underperform we will replace you. (I do understand sometimes we have off nights, but if it is a consistent pattern you will be replaced.) We are a relaxed guild during the day and don't have many rules other than respect your fellow players and be ready to go when raid time comes. While we do like to push progression we aren't the type of guild who will spend 3 hours on a single boss. If we aren't quite able to handle mechanics or dps is too low then we call it a night and prep for next raid. We expect to clear full heroic of every raid of the expac and progress into some mythic. We won't compete for server firsts as we really don't care about it but will down as much content as we can while it is current.

-----What To Expect-----
We expect people to still show up on time and to be raid prepped. All materials needed for raids must be farmed/gethered in your own time and if there is a certain addon required to make a certain fight easier we will request you download it. Other than that the idea is to have fun while workin on alts and learning fights.

Thank you and best of luck in your guild search.



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